Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Freebie

The bagels were a success! My students were very excited and since we have last lunch (12:25!!!), they were happy with the morning snack! I think they are expecting something tomorrow too, oops I think I started a bad habit!

Any who...Here is a holiday writing freebie I create! I have been using Rachelle's Around the World Unit on her Tpt store from What Teacher's want. (her blog)It is amazing by the way! I am planning on using this writing activity when we get to America next week! And yes I have school next week, until Thursday! Ugh! I can't believe it either! Oh well what can you do...

Click Here

I have an early release day tomorrow (woohoo PD) and then training on Thursday! This week is flying by so I guess going to school next week will be ok.......NOT! :)


Erika said...

Saw your comment about the corny blends song over at Swimming into Second. Will you please share?!
2B Honey Bunch

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