Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finally Finished Number Chat Cards

I thought I would have this up sooner but man I have been tired this week. 

Click on the picture to check it out! 

The first 2 people to comment and tell me how they are going to use them in their classroom I will send it to you for free. Make sure to include your email! 

Happy almost Friday! 


Pam said...

We are all about Rich and Rigorous Conversations this year. We want the students to talk about everything! These would be great to use as a math warm-up. We have math right after the crazy time that is lunch and it would turn their constant chatting into productive conversation time!

Debbie Prellwitz said...

I have started using math talks with my students as they do math centers. These look great!

Marcy said...

At my school, we are about the higher order thinking. I would use these at the beginning of math class to get the students focused.

Tammy Klinger said...

Man I am always too late! LOL I will for check them out at your store! I love the thought behind them.
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