Friday, September 23, 2011


Wow, this week went by so fast! We had parent teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. Here are a few things I made for conferences:

I like to create bags for math and reading to give to parents at conferences. Some of my parents love to work with their child, so I like to include fun games for them to do together!

I also have my students write a letter to their parents. They can write anything they want. When the parents read them, they usually tear up. My students also reflect on the semester and write 3 things they have done well and 3 things they want to improve upon. I share what they wrote during their conference.

Next Week: I will be starting to introduce and review money. I have made these fun cards to work on creating different amounts of money with a specific amount of coins. I am off today (Friday), so I am going to go enjoy spending time with my family!


Cynthia said...

I LOVE the idea of giving parents the letter at conference, but especially the at-home activities to help. I have just started my own blog today, and I have enjoyed reading about your journey.

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