Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fluency Freebie and Life Cyle Preview

Hey everyone! This week we are starting our "Pioneer Time." This is when we split the kids up in small groups for reading and math. My reading group needs to work on fluency and accuracy. I wanted to make a fun fluency game to play. Here is the game board that goes along with the game:

Click Here

Here is how you play: Have everyone start on the start sqaure. Each student takes a turn reading for a minute. If they read the correct WPM on the next square then they can move on. If not they stay on start and try again next time. The first person to reach the end wins. You can use the game with any reading passage. This will hopefully reinforce that the more times you re-read the better you get!

This week we will be starting our life cycle unit! The students are very exctied! I will take pictures and make posts as we complete some of our projects and experiments! Be on the lookout for them!


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