Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life Cycle Activites Continued and Place Value Freebies!

We are still discovering different life cycles. We planted two different types of seeds in baggies on Monday. The students were VERY excited to look at their seeds today and saw that they are already starting to change! Here is a picture of the two different types of seeds in the bags. (This experiment is very low maintance)

We also created a "Healthy Plant Guide." I don't have the document on this computer, but I will try and put the link on tomorrow.

Place Value! We have started working on place value this week. I am using a lot of hands-on activites to help keep them engaged. I have created a sheet I am going to send home for homework tomorrow, since they have a 4 day weekend. (not fair!) I also created individual place value charts to put on their desks! And of course I had to create a place value sign for my room, but I have to admit it isn't as good as Mrs. Lemmon's signs are.

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I have one more day with the kiddos then PD and Teacher Work Day! I am very excited to have a work day and get some overdue items done!


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Thanks for the freebie--so cute!! And yippee for teacher work days! :)

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