Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family Freebie Activities

We are getting ready to start our unit on family, Indians, and Pilgrims! I like to start off talking about our own families first. Then we are able to compare and contrast our families to the Indians and Pilgrims. I finally broke down and bought some clip art, so my activities look REALLY good. We will be first reading some books about family and completing the following writing activity:

We will also be making one of my favorite activities, GLYPHS! We will be making a house. Here are the directions:
I will put up pictures when we get these done!

Finally we will be talking about the roles each family member has in a family. I made this cute worksheet to go along with that:

Click Here for ALL of the Activities

Well we have a short week this week! We have an early release for PD on Wednesday and then we are off Friday for Veterans Day. My girlfriend Crystal and I are traveling to Wisconsin to visit her family. I am very excited to wear all my cute boots! It isn’t quite cold enough to wear them here in Kansas yet. I hope everyone has a great week!

P.S If you have not checked out Mrs. Lemons subtraction activities you should! I plan on using these to review during our small group math time!


Erika said...

These are awesome and I love the idea of starting with our own families before introducing the pilgrims and Indians.
2B Honey Bunch

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