Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Long i Word Sort Freebie and Happy Thanksgiving

Next week we will be working on some of the long i spellings. In my "maydo" basket I always like to make a spelling sort that the kids can do. They love doing these and they are very easy to make! I thought I would share the one I made.

Click Here

I will probably not be posting during the break....I have A LOT I want to get done:

1. Finish my HUGE project for my masters class
2. Read 2 chapters in Leading Lesson Study, I am very excited to be chosen to complete this project for my building!
3. Make a Christmas wreath with one of my bffs. (I will take pics)
5. I would say put my Christmas decorations out buuuut I already have them ALL out...ok I love Christmas time!
6.My favorite, hang out with my family!!!
7. Work on my next reading unit.
8. Finally....maybe relax!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Remember to always embrace the big things that happen, but remember the little things that happen!


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