Saturday, January 21, 2012

Award and Awesome Stuff!

Mrs. Lamb created a new award and I totally feel the need to give it out. The award is for your favorite know bloggy friends that every time you hit the comment button they have made another sweet comment on your blog. I wanted to thank two ladies in particular because they are always so nice and supportive:

The first is Holly over at

Crisscross Applesauce

and the second is Jennifer over at

First Grade Blue Skies

These ladies ALWAYS write me comments and I love reading each and every one!

So I have to share some of the crafty things I have been making with one of my best friends! We have found and tested some different homemade cleaning recipes. The first is homemade washing machine detergent. I am using it as we speak and I love it! This jar will last your up to 8 months to a year!! Oh and did I mention it only costs about 15-20 dollars to make!!!

The second is dishwasher soap. This should last for about 4-6 months and again only costs about 15-20 dollars!

We also made some air fresheners, but I have them at school and forgot to take a picture. They work wonders, because my friend's room is connected to the cafeteria vent and it always stinks...well not anymore thanks to our fresheners! She made some eye make-up remover and had some extra so I took it home and I have to say it is amazing. She put hers in a cute bottle, but I just put mine in a cheap container.

Today we are making lemon dust rags. I am really excited to make these and try them out! I will post the picture later after we make them. Let me know if you want the recipes. I would totally trade them for something (maybe something from TpT). :) Have a great Saturday!


Unknown said...

YAY! Thank you so much! You are such a sweetie!
=) Jennifer
First Grade Blue SKies

Fitbecky said...

These are so awesome! Where did you get the recipes.

2nd Grade Rocks!

Miss Kindergarten said...

How cute! I wish I could craft with you!

Jen R said...

very cool! I would love the recipes :) but I'm not sure what I have to trade for it :) hehe....

Elizabeth said...

So cool...I, too would love the recipes {especially for the dishwasher detergent}.


Fun in Room 4B

Cupcake said...

What great ideas! The jars of detergent are super cute :)

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Leanne said...

Wow, you are such a domestic wifey! I will forgive you too for being a mizzou fan! My brother-in-law went to mizzou, but is a ku fan...isn't that funny!? He wanted to go to ku but lived in missouri so it was just too much $. We accepted him into the family anyways! I'd love your recipes and I'd trade you for either one of my units in my TpT store...there is not a lot to choose from yet though! Let me know:)


Kristin said...

Wow!!! That's some cool stuff!!! Will you post "recipes'??
Holly and Jennifer leave me tons of comments, too.
As do YOU!!! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Bonnie Walton said...

Okay, I just saw this after commenting on your last one...please keep the recipes up! I'd love to access them in the future :) Can't wait to see your dishwashing recipe!

Living A Wonderful Life

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