Sunday, January 1, 2012

Help Her Out!

Sydney over at Lessons Learned needs our help bloggy friends!!!

She will be teaching a Professional Learning Course to some of her colleagues and was hoping to talk about blogging and all the great ideas/teachers she has found in her blogging experience! She needs people to contribute anything they would like to, because she will be making a packet to hand out. And of course your blog would get a shout out! I totally love this idea and even better Sydney said she would share the packet with us!

Head on over to her blog and help her out!

Oh and don't forget about my GREAT Giveaway. It is going on until Thursday! You still have time to sign up and of course blog about it! Thanks to all my bloggy friends that have been so supportive! You ladies know who you are! :)


Lessons Learned said...

Wow Kelly that is so sweet of you to write this post. I would love your math centers. Wow (I know I said that already but I am so overwhelmed at the generosity of teachers. We're going to also survey the teachers the first week and see if there is anything specific they want us to talk more or less about throughout our 5 classes.

Thanks again!

Ms. Chrissy B said...

I'm so glad you posted about this - really interesting!

Buzzing with Ms. B

Mrs. C said...

Just got your comment. Look at my new post for her giveaway! I love her!

Jen R said...

I would love to help her...but most of my stuff is 3rd grade (I JUST moved back to 2nd this year after 8 years in 3rd)...hmmm....I'll have to think
The Teachers’ Cauldron

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