Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new excuse for you...

I'll righty bloggy friends, we are fully back in the swing of things. We were able to accomplish A LOT today! I have been blog stocking Abby at Inspired Apple. She always has great ideas and it seems like we are on the same schedule. Every time I check her blog she is doing the same thing we convient!

First we have been working on contractions. Today we did an activity that Abby posted about, contraction friends and made a contraction chart. (I think she called them people?) Here is how they turned out:

Click here to check out her blog and get the patterns. Thanks Abby! :)

Also this week we talked about our 2012 school goals and our "one little word." Holly over at Crisscross Applesauce made some cute worksheets that go along with both of these. My kids really enjoyed making their goals. Who knew they would be so honest!

Click here to go to Holly's blog and get her freebies! Thanks Holly, you rock!

Last but not least we compared and contrasted two different items in our story this week. We just used a simple Venn Diagram. I think sometimes the oldies are the besties. I let the kids color them and then I am able to put them up in our reading area.

So... I think the 4 miles yesterday caught up with me just now. My legs are finally sore. I guess that is a good thing. I have heard a great new excuse today. I had a student that was being disrespectful and I asked him why he was being disrespectful. His response was because of video games! I was like VIDEO GAMES!! I couldn't believe that came out of this mouth. I didn't know if I was totally shocked or I was angry!!??!!??

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Unknown said... games?
Hope you feel better soon! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Heather's Heart said...

Awww, Sweet Kelley! Thank you so much for the heart note! It was actually not a comment on my blog but to me from a co-worker! This person is a BIG bucket dipper and I feel like telling her that my Firsties need to come teach her a lesson in being kind! I am not even going to waste my time though. I love the support I have gotten through my blog and blessings like you! You made my heart smile!

Heather's Heart

Sandy said...

Cute ideas Kelley! I had a student tell me his New Years resolution is to play more video games....yikes! Have a great night!

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

Looks like you had a great day in your room! :)

Can't wait to check out the 2012 Little Words Activity!
StoriesFrom Second

Miss Foote said...

We did OLW too. Come check it out.


Holly said...

You are the sweetest!!!!

Thanks bunches for the shoutout. They turned out really cute!!!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Anonymous said...

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