Sunday, March 11, 2012


.....ZOU! Those of you not from the Midwest have no idea what I am saying, but hey I have a reason to celebrate! My Missouri Tigers won the Big 12 conference tournament and of course I was there cheering my head off! (yes I live in Kansas, but I cheer for the Tigers!)

For those KU fans well....we not only won the tournament, but we trumped the team that beat you! Woohoo!

Sorry bloggy friends that was my ultra-ego! She only comes out every once in awhile. On to some school stuff...We were still working on fractions this week. We made Amy Lemon's ice cream fraction sundaes and then we made fractions using the vowels and consonants with our names.

My kids had a lot of fun doing these activities. Next week is a crazy week! We have Read Across America week and it is the week before Spring Break. We are doing some fun activities that I can't wait to share with you. Happy Sunday!


Jessica said...

Ha ha! I totally understand about Missouri because I am doing the same thing with my team Michigan State. It is like an ultra-ego comes out with the yelling and cheering and craziness I do while I watch it. Glad they won the tournament!
The fractions activities look great! Especially the sundaes. Enjoy your last week!

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Natalie said...

Both my dad and sister went there for college, so my family are HUGE mizzou fans! Me? Don't really care too much... :)


Erika said...

Hi friend! I just gave you an award. Come on over and grab it!

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Amber said...

GO MIZZOU!!! Right there with ya!

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Patrice said...

Honey you are a rare gem! A Kansas gal who cheers for MIZZOU??? OMG, how have you survived so long? LOL I am a MIZZOU graduate and I was ECSTATIC about the win. Even KANSAS Sampler stores had to put Missouri paraphernalia in the front window! LOL Thanks for the post, border buddy!

Jen R said...

cute! now I can't wait for dessert time :) I really need to do my fraction

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