Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CAMP LEARNED A LOT!!! (freebies!)

So it has been CRAZY at school with all the parties, lunch-ins, and last minutes assemblies! I can hardly keep up with everything! Needless to say we only have 2 1/2 days of school left!! I am super excited for a break but I know I am going to miss my kids and all my fabulous co-workers! This week we are particaping in Camp Learned A Lot. I have put together a packet of some of the activities I use during the week. I have completely decked the room out in camping gear and themed items!
Click here to download the packet. We have been doing many of the activities in this packet and also in Hope's and Cara's camping themed units. We started off graphing how many people have been camping. I am actually teaching my teammates class for an hour in the morning and then we switch back. We only have to plan one lesson in the morning! I am totally loving it!
We also sequenced with smores and made this cute crafty! Of course when we were done we went down to the teacher's lounge and made real smores!! (the secretary was NOT very happy!)
Today we did a pinterest inspire activity. The kids were split up in groups and were giving 2 minutes to make a tower using 100 cups. It was interesting their strategies and what type of towers they made. Take a look...
We have been working on all week our ABC's of second grade. The kids really like this activity!
Click here to download the activity! This is what I made my students for their end of the year present. I also bought Hope's unit with student awards, which is sooo cute!! If you haven't you need to check this out!
I am off to catch up on all my shows and snuggle with my lil helper. I am super tired and need to get some beauty rest to get through the week. I hope you enjoy all the camping themed items!


Lisa R. said...

These are some great ideas! I love your anchor chart!!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Mrs. Cypher said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas! Thank you!


Tammy said...

Love these ideas this is the first year in a long time I didn't end with a camping theme and activities.

First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

lorawebster said...

Thanks, Kelley! This is fantastic. I am totally taking my class "camping" next week!

Mrs. Webster's Class Blog

Eileen Griffin said...

Thank you Kelly! These activities look great! I still have two weeks left so, this will be perfect.
Eileen Griffin
second Grade Sunshine

Katie said...

Thanks for the ABC freebie! I love it. I'm definitely printing it now and going to make copies for my kids tomorrow. The cup idea is also very cute... but I can't stop thinking about 200 cups flying across my room. haha. I have a few "special" friends :) Enjoy your last few days!

Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

Jamie (2nd Grade Stuff) said...

I just made the Kool Aid gifts for my students' last day tomorrow! Thanks for the idea - I gave you credit :)

Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

Heather's Heart said...

What a great post from a great teacher!

I love it all! =)

Heather's Heart

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