Monday, May 14, 2012

I need your HELP!!

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I can't believe it but I have been nominated for the most fascinating blog award for 2012!! How does a little blog like mine get nominated for such a big award?? I am still in complete awe and shock! First I want to thank all my amazing bloggy friends that I have made! Sometimes I need to just vent and you are always there for me! Sometimes I need a good idea and I again can always count on you. And when I least expect it I get a little surprise like this nomination. (it actually is a BIG surprise!!) If you would like to vote for my Buggy for Second Grade blog please do so by clicking the award below. I am truly grateful to be apart of such an awesome community of inspiring teachers!! Thanks for everything!
Accelerated Degree Programs
What a great start to the week! Happy Monday!


Sandra said...

I just found your cute blog and I am your newest follower! Congratulations on your nomination.
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Jessica said...

Congrats on the nomination!! You deserve it :)

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