Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fashion Saturday!

It is crazy that I haven't posted anything school related. I am working slowing on a few things like  painting a new chair for my author's celebrations and book bags for Daily 5. I am still doing homework for my masters classes about 5 hours a day. I will be done July 7th, then I will be switching into full on school gear!

My fashion Friday  Saturday post I wanted to share with you some staples of back to school  teaching shopping. These are some items that I rely on year after year and I always make it a priority to buy new either every year or every couple of years. I am going to start from the bottom and go up!

I think a pair of neutral and black flats are a must!! As you can see the black ones are new and the neutral ones have been worn A LOT!! The black ones are from Marshals and the neutral ones are from DSW (Steven Madden). 

I always have to have a pair of black trouser pants, khakis (sp?), and white something! This is a white skirt from Loft, but I also love my white pants from J Crew. The black pants are from Gap! They have my favorite pair of slacks, called The Perfect Trousers. I think I have them in every color. 

Here is where I like to bring in my color....bright blouses! I usually wear color in my tops, shoes, and accessories. The orange blouse is from Kohls on clearance and the pink one is from Loft. These blouses look great under a jacket in the fall and winter or just by themselves with a great belt in the spring and summer. 

This picture didn't turn out really good, but there is a grey detailed cardigan behind the jacket. I looove this black blazer because it isn't fitted at all. It is a great piece to just throw on if it is going to be chilly outside or the superintendent is coming to observe that day! ;) (H & M)

I also love little skinny belts. This is another spot I like to add color. The green one is from Talbots, orange is from Loft, and the neutral bow one is from J Crew. I am thinking one of my next posts will be about how to wear belts. There are so many cool ways to wear a belt and look sophisticated. 

Last but not least some gold jewelry can pull everything together. These pieces I can wear with anything, which is something important to remember if you are on a tight budget. The necklace on the left is from Loft, middle from Hot Mamas, and bracelet is from Ann Taylor Outlet. 

These are some great starter pieces for teachers who are just starting off or looking to clean up your wardrobe this year. I do have to share that I am a bargain and sale shopper. I don't buy anything full price unless I am in love with it and can't put it down. I love to find great sales! One of my favorite places for sales is Ann Taylor Loft. They have great clothes for teachers and they give teachers a discount! (I am thinking I need to make a teacher discount list for my sweet bloggers too!) 

Next week I will be in MN at Ikea and Mall of America!! I won't be making a fashion post until early the following week.  I can't wait to show you all the great things I find!! Happy shopping! 

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diditeach said...

Have fun at the Mall of Americas.....what a place !! Love all your tips :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE ikea! I keep a running list of things I want from there for family members to pick up when they hit an IKEA! I grew up in Michigan and we used to fly to mn to go to mall of America for school shopping every year! Have so much fun!!
Lisen :)

Jen R said...

I'm so glad bright colors are back in style!!!

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