Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Back....Fashion Friday!

Hello everyone!! I am back! We had some unexpected things happen while we were in Minnesota, which caused us to come home early. It has caused a little stress, which is why I haven't been blogging. I am super excited to be back though!! I have missed all my AMAZING friends!

Today for my Fashion Friday post I wanted to share different ways to wear a skinny belt. I loove skinny belts and have them in lots of different colors. The one I am going to use today is a neutral one with a bow and it is from J Crew.

This a simple way to wear it at your natural waistline with a blouse. 

In this picture I kept the belt the same as before, but added a blazer on top of the blouse. 

This is the belt on the outside of the blazer with the same blouse underneath. 

This is how I wear my belts a lot, over a longer sweater. It can accentuation your waist! 

This is a belt made out of ribbon. I love the girly touch it puts on this outfit!!

I also wanted to share two pairs of shoes I got on my trip! Since we had to leave early we didn't get to shop as much as we would have liked. Oh well, you know I will make up for it here at home!! ;)

I am excited to wear these shoes to school in the fall!! I can't believe June is almost over!! I can't wait because I will be done with my masters classes but that just means schools is going to start soon!! I will leave you with a picture from our trip!! Happy Friday!

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lorawebster said...

What brand are those red and tan shoes? They are super cute!

LoraMrs. Webster’s Classroom Connections

Cupcake said...

Love your ribbon belt!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Jennifer said...

Your belts are so cute!! Love your shoes too!!

The First Grade Dream

Anonymous said...

I'd love for you to check out my post from today! :) I mentioned your cute blog!

LOVE your belt ideas!

Jen R said... I've decided, you come hang out with us at the beach and I will cook for you and hubs....and in return?? You'll redo my closet with some fashionista clothes :)

Holly said...

You are adorable!!!!! Happy summer to you chicky!!!!

Holly @crisscross applesauce in first grade

Jessica Heeren said...

I've just awarded you the "One Lovely Blog" award! Stop by my blog to accept it! Thanks for sharing your great ideas! :)

Mrs. Heeren's Happenings

Leanne said...

I love all your tips for wearing belts and I LOVE your Fashion Friday posts! So sorry your trip didn't go as planned! :)


Unknown said...

Very cute. I know as teachers we are so focused on what the kids are doing, but it's important to look nice everyday, too!
The Science Penguin

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