Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bee Statements (Freebie)

I had to revamp my bee statements, because before they were on an ugly poster and just didn't look very nice (I am not even going to show you the poster!). I have been working my butt off getting stuff done for my room and this was one thing on my list to complete today!

I think these go just perfect with my bug theme in my room! 

I also have to say if you haven't checked out Kristen's new clip art you should...its Hollywood themed! It is just too cute that of course I had to have it!! 

One more day until I can get into my room....two more days until I go back to school!!! 

Happy Sunday!

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Jen R said...

those are cute!
in our school, our three rules are "be ready, be responsible, be respectful"
and yes...I ALREADY have and USED Kristen's new clip art - lol

Ms. Chrissy B said...

Very very cute! Love them!
Buzzing with Ms. B

Lori said...

Super cute posters!!
Conversations in Literacy

diditeach said...

Very cute !!

Leanne said...

These are too cute! I go back on Wednesday...can't believe its already here! I moved to Rosehill Elementary, which is right by my house...didn't know if I ever answered your ? about where I moved! Somehow I missed your post when you shared a few pics of your Hawaii trip so I just checked it out. So jealous...looks like it was a beautiful trip! :) Good luck this week trying to get all set up...I'm in the same boat. I've been able to get into my room for a while now, but I feel behind since most of that was packing, moving, and unpacking!


Kristen said...

these are adorable, as always Kelley!! I hope you are having a lovely summertime! :)

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