Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Writers Revise!!

I wanted to share with you about our peer revising that we do in my class! Before I get started we are using the Lucy Calkin's Writing Units....I totally want her new ones but am waiting to see where I will be next year before I make the purchase! We are just finishing up the Craft of Revision Unit, but my students learned how to peer edit during the Writing for Readers Unit. I really liked the Writing for Readers Unit because my students really understood why we write....for someone to READ it! Their handwriting, spelling, punctuation  and everything else improved so much during that unit. Now we are revising actual parts of the story, like adding a great lead, showing emotions not telling emotions, and even adding DIALOGUE  I can't believe my little babies have dialogue in their stories...I can't believe my eyes when I see a student's writing during our conference time and there is dialogue in it and it makes sense!

Here is how we revise:

First I always model how I want my students to revise with a peer.....I sit next to a student and we hold the piece of writing in between us. This is much like Read to Someone in D5! I also show them that each person points to the words as they are reading. This is important because if their peer can help them spell a work they can stop along the way.

Second I always make sure to model how we talk to each other during revising time. We always start off with saying the persons name and then would you please read your piece to me. 

Example: Kelley, will you please read your piece to me?

We also talk about how to tell someone to fix something nicely. 

Example: Kelley, I can't read your writing. Can you please make your handwriting neater? 
Kelley, why don't you have a picture? Can I help you think of something to draw?
Kelley, can I help you spell this word?

Third, I model how to use our green check list cards. These help the students make sure they are writing for a reader! 

Lastly, I model how to finish up revising time with a partner. We also say thank you for helping me today and also give one suggestion for the other person to go back to their desk and work on. 

Example: Thanks for helping me today. Can you go back and fix your handwriting? 

Then I let the kids go REVISE! 

Teaching writing is probably one of my favorite things to teach! 

If you haven't checked out Lucy Calkins or her new units click here!

It was a crazy day today...my teammate had a rough day! Little does she know she will have a care package on her desk in the morning! ;)


Elisabeth said...

Lucy's new units are amazing! There is a set per grade level!!! I have been using the $10 units that she based her new books on, and I love them. Writing for readers is one of my favorite units too!
Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

Patrice said...

Love that you are essentially teaching the students accountable talk so that these interactions are academically productive, plus it's just another boost in their social skills.
Great post. I'll have to checkout this Lucky Calkin... :)

p.s. what do you mean, where you'll be next year? Girl, I guess I better brush up on reading some of your recent posts...are you moving to a new school? a new district?


Primary Planet said...

You have inspired a purchase! I have been wanting to teach this skill to my kiddos for a long time, but didn't know where to start, now I do! Thank you!
Second Grade is Out of This World!

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