Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back to Normal....for a bit!

We will finally have a FULL week of school this week for the first time in....4 weeks! Don't worry it won't last for long. After this week my life gets a little crazy until the end of April. I will be traveling to Wisconsin, Cancun, and Chicago in less than a months span. I am super excited to be hosting my bff's baby shower too in April!! You know I love to throw a GREAT party!

This week we will be starting our Dr. Seuss unit for the month of March. You might have noticed that I took my Dr. Seuss  stuff off my blog. I am not quite sure the rules and regulations, but I wanted to be safe. I know you can't sell any Dr. Seuss stuff but I am not sure about freebies or making reference to the name or ANYTHING for that matter! :)

We will also be starting our unit about Earth Matter....Rocks, States of Matter, and Soil! We will be using activities from my unit:

I used to not like to teach about Earth Matter, but I have found some fun and engaging activities that make it a little less BORING (as my kids would say!). 

I also just finished my Earth Day Unit. I wanted to get it done early because I knew I wouldn't have too much time coming up! 

This unit includes the following:

-Descriptive Writing
-Recycling Can/Have/Are           
-ABC Order Words
-Recycling Poster                      
-Earth Day Poem
-”We can change the Earth” Writing
-Recyclable Fractions                
-Earth Day Inferences
-Measurement with the Globe  
-3-D Global Newspaper Project

I will have some BIG news to share later this week!! Come back to find out! 

Happy Sunday


Shawna said...

Hey Kelley,
Sounds like you will be SUPER busy traveling, I hope you have fun at all of those places. I love teaching rocks, in another life I would have been a Geologist! I hope you have fun teaching your unit, it looks great!!
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

Karlie said...

Where are you going in WI, and what will you be doing? I'm about 30 minutes south/west of Milwaukee on 43. Have safe travels!!

We are ALL Special!

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