Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wrap up

I have been really bad about posting lately! I have been super busy and for some reason my computer doesn't want to pull up my phone or camera cord to upload any pictures!! It is such a hassle and takes forever to get it to work.....any suggestions?

This week we are finishing up of Dr. Seuss theme! We had spring break last week and I actually took Monday off because my bff and I went to her home town in Wisconsin over the break. We drove back on Sunday and I decided I needed an extra day to get my laundry done and recover after the trip! Here is a picture of us at the bottom of a ski hill....it was soo pretty!

She is 7 months pregnant and cute as a button! 

My sub yesterday started the kids off by learning about plural nouns. She made an anchor chart that looked similar to this one....(I forgot to take a picture but I based my off of this one from Rebecca from the Teacher's Chatterbox!)

I also had these pre-made to match the specific words we were using...I found this on Pinterest but it didn't have a link, sorry I can't give credit for this cute idea to someone!

They also talked about rhyming words and how Dr. Seuss uses these words in his stories! The students looked through some of his stories to find all kinds of rhyming words! 

Liz has created a worksheet for the students to write their rhyming words they find down that we used....did I mention it is FREE! 

Today I was back in full school mode! I was at school at 6:45 ready to rock and roll! I really do miss the kids when I don't see them every day and I loooove our routines! I think they keep me in check more than the kids. We talked about, reviewed, they should have already known what this is... ok so I "retaught" what perimeter was today! We are doing a fun activity with perimeter and area tomorrow! In math we also reviewed measurement to the 1/2 inch. We practiced this using some Dr. Seuss cut outs that I created! During their center rotations they practice mixed regrouping/non regrouping problems both addition and subtraction. They are getting pretty good at this! 

During small group I was reinforcing measurement to 1/2 inch....this is kind of a tough concept for the kids. They know how to round pretty well, but they are getting stuck on how to write the number with the fraction...I was like guys that is the easy part! ;)

Also during small group this quarter I have been using Hope's Mathlete Champions!! My kids can't wait each week to try and take their test! It is a great unit, especially if your students struggle with their basic facts! 

I leave you with a picture from last summer when we went to Maui...

P.S. I swam in this waterfall!!! 


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