Monday, April 1, 2013

Hands-on activities one-on-one

              I am here today to share about how I organize projects or hands-on activities! I think it is so important to have everything ready to go because it makes your lesson run smoother. It also allows for less behavior problems because you students don't have as much down time waiting for you to get everything ready. Here is an example of how I get ORGANIZED! 

Last week we talked about dirt and soil. We read the following book:

I was surprised how much my students LOVED this book! The next day we made dirt cups to show the different layers of soil. Before the students got there I made sure to count of how many cups each table will need and got all the materials ready. Many times when I am using food I will ask the lunch ladies if I can use some blue lunch for each group or table! 

All the kids had to do was pass the cup around and pour in their "soil." I also labeled each cup so the students knew which item was which! 

Here are some pictures of how smooth the lesson went because I was organized and prepared:

The next time you plan an hands-on activity make sure to take the extra time to be prepared and is TOTALLY worth it in the end! 

I am also linking up with Farley for her April Currently...I missed Marches! :(

As you can see on my Currently that I am SUPER busy with Cancun and moving! Happy Monday! 


Jenna Frederick said...

I can relate to the excitement towards moving! We just got an accepted offer on our first home! However, we have to wait a little bit longer to move! We thought it would be best to wait until summer! I am so excited though!

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Ashley said...

Hey, I love your advice and found you through Farley. I'm so jealous that you're going to Cancun. I was on a cruise and went to Cozumel. I love it! Loved Mexico! Can't wait to do it again. So, have a blast!

Unknown said...

Found you through Farley. I love the dirt project and will have to check out that book. Fun in K/1

Shawna said...

Hey Kelley!
Great dirt activity, I love it!! Enjoy your vacation in Cancun and those fruity little drinks as you watch the sunset...I am so jealous!! And BTW, great advice :)
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Unknown said...

Fantastic dirt activity! Just found you through Farley's linky - I'm your newest follower!

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