Sunday, April 28, 2013

Long Term Sub Planning...More than a Day!

Well it was good to be with my class for the whole week! I really missed teaching and seeing their faces every day. Before this week I was gone for seven days....that means seven days of sub plans! I have never written more than one day of sub plans, which were only for days that I was sick. I was really nervous that I was going to forget to put something in my plans or not have everything complete for my sub to do.

First you have to realize that I plan two weeks when I knew I was going to be gone I realized that I needed to plan the whole month of April before I left or I would be behind in my eyes! I went week by week and planned and made copies for that week....once I was done with that week I would move on to the next. I had piles for each week that I filed away in my filing cabinet.

In my piles I had everything we needed....homework packet for the week, math centers, word work, and anything else we might need! 

After I got done making all my plans and filing them away I was ready to make my seven day sub plans. The tricky part was that the 3rd graders were taking state assessment and wanted to switch schedules with us and we were nice and said yes. So my poor sub at several different schedules she was trying to keep track of! 

Monday: 2nd grade schedule
Tuesday: 3rd schedule
Wednesday: 3rd grade early release schedule
Thursday: 3rd grade schedule
Friday: 2nd grade schedule
Monday/Tuesday: 2nd grade Schedule

CRAZINESS!! I used my containers to organize everything my sub would need each day. I also had her place things back in the tray so my desk wouldn't be a mess each day. Then when I came back I got in the trays and graded papers or passed our papers that needed to go home. It was great to keep everything organized while I was gone! 

The sub wrote me a note and said she loooved all my organization. It made her job so much easier while I was gone. On my desk each day I lay out my lesson plans with my teacher resources with the papers we will need for the day. I did this for the first day my sub was there and she continued to do it while I was gone. She therefore had everything ready for the next day when she got to school! 

These methods really worked to help me feel organized. I could go on my vacation and to my conference in peace. How do you get organized for a sub for than a day?

Happy Sunday!  


Becky said...

I had to plan 15 weeks for maternity leave... imagine that! haha I was a bit overwhelmed at first. It looks super organized though :)

Ashley Sanderson said...

I had to do that when I went on my honeymoon! I had my sub come in before so we could talk :) Had to show her the ropes! Being organized and OCD does have it perks because when I got back I wasn't crazy stressed out because I had planned ahead and made it easy for my sub! Great job!

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