Sunday, June 2, 2013

Camp Learned A LOT...and soo MAD!

I had a GREAT post typed up about our economics unit and Camp Learned A Lot, then I hit publish and it deleted it! Has that ever happened to you? Well I don't have the time to retype the whole post but I will come back and post about our economic unit later. Here are some pictures from Camp Learned A Lot:

Camp Learned A Lot is a week long camping theme unit! I completely empty my room and the kids used clipboards all week! We participated this year with our 3rd grade teachers and the interventionists. With the schedule I created we were able to each get another 40 minutes of plan time in the day! Click below to check it out:

The unit is only 4 dollars and here is what you get:

-Letter to teammates to see if they want to participate (trust me you want them too...we were able to get 40 extra minutes of plan time since everyone participated!)
-Graphing Activity
-ABC's of K-4 Grade Activity
-Fraction Fish Activity
-Team Building Activity
-Books and Resources
-Poetry Activity
-Sequencing S'more Activity
-Camping Math Word Problems Rotations
-Writing Idea
-Dirt Cup Activity
-Anti-Yearbook Signing Activity

I promise to be back later in the week to repost my economics unit!....tomorrow I am participating in a summer math institute for the next two weeks! I will let you know how it goes! 


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