Saturday, June 22, 2013

Math, Math, Math

Since I am officially now the Math Instructional Facilitator for the elementary schools in my district I thought I would share some great math resources I learned about a couple of weeks ago! Our district is partnering with a neighboring university for a math grant and I got to participate.

One of the MAJOR components that we learned about was the Math Practice Standards for the Common Core...I mean Kansas College and Career Readiness Standards! Our state is now calling them that for budgeting reasons! (what a mess!) Anyways the Math Practice Standards are in ALL great levels and there are only eight! I am working on creating kid friendly posters for these, with kid friendly questions! I will hopefully have them up at my TpT before the end of the weekend!

Here are some great resources we learned about at the institute:

I can't wait to share more math resources with you throughout the year! 


Miss Nelson said...

I'm a math master at my school. I had 3 days of Math Common Core and 2 Days at Florida's DOE common core institute.

Thanks for the resources.

Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said...

WOW...jackpot...I can't wait for more! Thanks for sharing!

Sara at school said...

Thanks for sharing these resources - they'll be helpful when I start planning next year!

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