Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Number and Letter Identification and Whats Up?

The past couple of days I have enjoyed a quiet house, because my mom went back to work after being on vacation for 3 weeks. We completely redid two rooms in her house while she was off those three weeks! I was glad to have a little time to myself to work on blogging and TpT. I completed my Numbers and Letters Identification Unit:

That is just a sample...the assessments go all year long and included lowercase, uppercase, and 1-20 numbers! Click on any of the pictures above to check it out! 

So we are still HOMELESS! We have been looking for a house since we moved out and sold our house in April....we finally found a house. We had the inspection and the jerking owners wouldn't fix ANYTHING that needed to be fixed. Needless to say it wasn't worth buying it and needless to say that is why we are still homeless. UGH!

Any advice from those of you that have bought a house...this is ZERO fun! 


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