Monday, March 31, 2014

Daily 5 Book Study: Chapter 6

I am a little behind on my reading. I hope to have the book completed by the end of the week, but we will see! Chapter 6 was a short and quick reading. There wasn't too much new information about the Daily 5 in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Foundation Lessons

The chapter starts off by talking about what a foundation lesson is. I like that “the sisters” reminded the reader that your students will be the ones who influence your decisions about the foundation lessons. Everything we do in the classroom comes down to our students and what we need to do as a teacher to help them be successful. This was a great little reminder from “the sisters.”

The next sections of the chapter talk about the foundation lessons in each. I am not going to go over each of the lessons because they are pretty self-explanatory. I will share any insight or new ideas I found while reading each section instead.

             Read-to-Self Foundation Lessons
            -Three Ways to Read a Book
            -I PICK Good-Fit Books
            -Choose a Successful Spot

          Work on Writing Foundation Lessons
            -Underline Words You Don’t Know How to Spell
            -Set up a Notebook
            -Choose What to Write About

I used the Lucy Calkin’s Units of Study along with Work on Writing during Daily 5. This worked really well for my students. I would teach a mini-lesson during whole group reading time and then my students were able to practice the skills or concept during Work on Writing. I would give my students time to write after my mini-lessons, which is when I did one-on-one conferences.

              Read to Someone Foundation Lessons
            -Voice Level
            -Check for Understanding
            -How Partner Read
            -How to Get Started
            -Coaching or Time
            -How to Choose a Partner

I liked in the Voice Level Foundation Lesson “the sisters” suggest using a private voice when talking with your partner instead of a soft voice. This is something I flagged to share with my class next year. Read to Someone was hard for my class last year. I followed all the foundation lessons in “the sisters” previous book, but they still seemed to get off task every time. I think one thing that will help is to spend more time building stamina and practicing each foundation lesson. I don’t think I spent enough time on the expectations during Read to Someone. This is the one area of the D5 I would really like to improve from last year. I also made sure to flag the section about coaching or time in this section! “The sisters” do a great job of modeling this for their readers.

             Listen to Reading Foundation Lessons
            -Set up and Clean up the Technology
            -Listen and Follow Along
            -Manage Fairness and Equitable use with a Limited Number of Devices

My students did Listen to Reading on the computer and I found that it was easier for me to have the website already up and ready for them each morning. This is something I did each morning before my students came in. I did teach my students what to do if the technology didn’t work or they accidentally clicked off the website. I am hoping next year to use ipods along with computers so they have several different devices to choose from.

          Word Work Foundation Lessons
            -Set up and Clean up Materials
            -Choose Materials and Words to use
            -Choose a Successful Spot

During Word Work I always gave my students two options to choose from each day. Since we only completed two round of D5 each week, I only had to change out Word Work at the end of each week. Instead of only have my students work on sight words, I wanted to incorporate phonics skills we were working on as well. Depending on how much practice my students needed with the phonics skill of the week depended on if we did sight word practice or phonics practice during Word Work. I always made sure the work they were doing was meaningful to what was being taught in my classroom.

Make sure to check out what Kim has to say for the upper grades! 

joyin6th Homepage

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a GREAT week! 


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