Tuesday, June 3, 2014

D5: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Math Daily 3

Every year I have been teaching I have done math centers to some extent. I enjoy seeing my students in small group during math as well. I think it is important for students to receive individualized instruction in math as well as in reading. I group my students based on skill level at the beginning of each new unit or topic. This allows for constant progress monitoring and changing groups, which I love.

Math Daily 3 Structure/Overview:

*Math by Myself: kinesthetic practice
*Math Writing: writing to explain
*Math with Someone: kinesthetic practice/games

At the beginning of most units the Math D3 consists of review and practice from the prior unit. This allows students to continue to practice skills and concepts previously taught. Students with less stamina participate in 3 shorter rounds of the D3, while students with greater stamina participate in 3 longer rounds. In between each round of D3 there is instructional time. “The sisters” use the first round of instruction as explicit direct instruction, the second as guided practice, and the third for problem solving. Refer to page 127 to see specific focus lessons in the “I do, we do, you do” model.

What do you need to begin Math Daily 3:

1.    I-Charts
2.    Board to Organize Math Activity Choices
3.    Organizational Tool for Manipulatives
4.    Game Boards
5.    Dice
6.    Counters
7.    Playing Cards
8.    Tool Kits for Individual Students
9.    Math Tools by Units of Study
10.  Math Notebooks or Journals
11.  Whiteboards and Markers

Launching Math by Myself:

-Model where the materials are and how to get them
-Model how to play the game or do the activity
-Place the title of the game/activity on the choice board
-Go through the 10 Steps of Independence
-Create an I-Chart and Hang in the Classroom
-Go through the 10 Steps of Independence with other student behaviors: Get Started Right Away, Build Math Stamina, and Work Quietly (add to I-Chart)
-Repeat the process with any new game or activity

Launching Math Writing:

-Launch after students have built stamina in Math by Myself
-Go through the 10 Steps of Independence with the first couple student behaviors: Stay in one spot, Work math writing the whole time, Get started right away, Build math stamina, Work quietly
-Include each of the behaviors on the I-Chart
-Hang I-Chart in the Classroom
-Once students have built stamina allow choice between Math by Myself and Math Writing

Launch Math with Someone:

-Foundation Lesson: How to Choose a Partner
-Teach the activity or game
-Go through the 10 Steps of Independence
-I-Chart with behaviors: Set up materials quickly and quietly, Stay in one spot, Work on math the whole time, Put materials away in the correct spot, quickly and quietly, Get started right away, Build math stamina, and Work quietly.
-Once students have built stamina allow choice between all three of the D3

I really enjoyed reading this chapter. I have heard about bits and pieces of the Math Daily 3, but to hear it from “the sisters” themselves was perfect! I can totally see how this will fit into my classroom for next year. I liked that they used the “I do, we do, you do” model, because that is something I use in my classroom as well, especially in math. Last year my math centers were for an hour and we rotated every 15 minutes. I want to try “the sisters” way next year. I think providing short bursts of instruction and then doing a rotation will benefit my students. I can’t wait to read the last chapter in the book!

Happy Summer Reading! 


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It's Molly Gafney! I came across your TPT store and I knew I had to come say hello on your blog! It looks like you have some GREAT stuff here! I currently teach 3rd grade and I LOVE the Daily 5! I do not do Daily 3 math, however I do have a math center rotations that the students work through! I would love to hear from you and catch up on how you are doing!

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