Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Stories to Share

One of my favorite holiday stories is the Grinch! I definitely think it is a classic and of course I love the two movies. It reminds the kids of the true meaning of Christmas and hopefully inspires them to give back.

The Polar Express is another one of my favorites. When my brother and I were little my mother read us the story and that year Santa brought us both a silver bell. I still have mine and I put it on our Christmas tree to remember that special year!

My last favorite book is Snowmen at Christmas. My mom looooves snowmen and it has definitely rubbed off on me! She has bought me and herself every snowmen book she can find. I have a whole shelf in my room devoted to snowman books. This is one of my favorite ones! It give you warm fuzzes inside when you read it!

As you can tell I can't wait for the holidays! I enjoy all the twinkle lights at night and all the love that is in the air! And of course decorating my house head to toe in Christmas decorations. (my husband just loves it! ) Well I am off to watch my FAVORITE show ever..........
Tori and Dean! I just can't get enough of how cute Tori is and how sweet their family is!


Kristin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE The Polar Express! I was one of the few people who was sad when the movie came out. Now all my kids know the story but before that . . . it was brand new!! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

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