Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Addition, Addition, and More Addition

This week we have been working on Regrouping with Addition. I got some GREAT ideas for Amy Lemon's blog. Here is what we did. (it is slightly modified from Amy's ideas!)

This is what we started off with on Monday. The students got very familiar with the steps that need to be done to regroup! Here is what the inside says:

A little tip if you do this, make the booklets ahead of time. I really saved valuable teaching time by doing this! Today and tomorrow we are working on solving some regrouping and non-regrouping problems. After the kids are done they sort them in a mini folder booklet.

These next pictures are activities we are doing during our "Pioneer Time," which is when we split the kids up in small groups between the grade level teachers and the interventionists. My group has finished working on 4 digit addition and we are reviewing subtraction regrouping. These activities I am using during centers and small group instruction.

If you would like the link to some of these activities go to Mrs. Lemon's blog. They are under addition and subtraction. My kids have LOVED working together and trying new things!

2 more days until Friday! Woohoo!


Leanne said...

Those look great! There are sooo many wonderful teaching blogs out there and I just stumbled upon yours. So nice to meet a fellow Kansan! I'm now following you! Stop by my little blog sometime :)

Erika said...

I love this idea and can use it right now in math. I just gave you the Sunshine Award. Come over and get it.
BTW, I teased you about not having a button! :)
2B Honey Bunch

Jen R said...

Do you happen to have her documents from that post?? I tried downloading those items, but now scrib wants you to sign up to get them since they're too old..
♥ Jen Ross
The Teachers' Cauldron

Ride Away With Mrs. Ridgway said...

I know this way late to comment on but, I definitely LOVE this idea. I took the foldable idea and put a Halloween spin on it. My 3rd graders LOVED it! Thanks for your creativity. :)

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