Saturday, December 3, 2011


Thanks so much to Erika over at 2bhoneybunch for giving me the Sunshine Award. I am have only been blogging for a short period of time and I am SUPER excited to get an award!

What is my favorite color?
Well I loooove pink! It has been one of my favorite colors since I was a little girl! I also love to find unique colors to mix with good old black, white, or brown. I always have to be color-coordinated with my outfits for school!

What is my favorite animal?
My favorite animal is a dog of course! I adore my little Yorkie Bentley! He always can put a smile on my face, because he definitely has a GREAT little personality. I love snuggling with him when the weather starts to get cold!

What is my favorite drink?
My favorite drink is iced tea! We grew up drinking it every night for dinner and it has become a tradition for my husband and myself! I don't like a lot of sugar in my tea, but of course my husband does since he is from the good ol' south!

Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter?
I actually don't have an account with either. I never got on either of those bandwagons. And yes I know I am missing out, but I barely have time to keep up with my blog, school, social life, school, family, oh and school!

Do I prefer getting or giving?
I prefer giving! I love finding the perfect gift for someone and seeing how excited they are to open it! I also love to gift wrap, thanks to my mom! I always add some extra little details to each of my presents!

What is my favorite kind of flowers?
I love peonies! I used them when I got married. I walked around all night smelling and I think I made everyone in the room smell them too!

Now I get to pass the award on to a few other bloggers!

The first is Amy Lemons over at Step into Second Grade. I always find great activitie over at Amy's blog, she is so creative!

The second blogger is Kristin over at Ladybug Teacher Files. Kristin is very technology savvy and always has great freebies!

Last but not least is Lindsey over at The Teacher Wife. Lindsey has awesome units she has created for TpT. She is very inspiring and creative! She does not have a button that I could find. I guess she is in the same boat as I am. I am actually not quite sure how to create a button. If anyone has some tips, PLEASE share!

Correction! I actually did find Lindsey's button! So now I guess I am the only one without a button! Someone please help!

Thanks again to Erika for giving me this award! I am truly blessed to be able to share ideas with such amazing blogging friends!


Kristin said...

I grew up drinking iced tea with dinner, too, and you are the first person I've found who did, too!!! :) This makes me so happy because most people say that grew up with milk or water and that seems so strange to me. Everything goes with iced tea!!! My mom got me hooked on one sweet and low packet. I have tried Truvia and Stevia and Equal but it's not the same. Pink all the way! ;) Congratulations on your award!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Kristen said...

Thank you Kelley!!! I was so happy when I read this, how kind of you!! I love giving gifts too, it is always a blast :)

Leanne said...

Congrats on the award! I do teach at Rising Star in Lenexa! Where do u teach at? Ditto on the ice tea!!!


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