Monday, March 19, 2012

Do you want free April Math Centers???

So I said I was going to create my own math centers instead of buying them well....I have completed half of them. I usually have about 9 to 10 centers. This set of centers has 6 different centers. All of these are centered around number sense and inspired by some of Hope King's great centers. I tailored them to fit the needs of my students and their instructional level. I am planning on making about 4 more centers probably: fractions, graphing, money, and telling time. Here are the ones I have created so far.

I am currently using the math resource Everyday Math. Many of these games my students have learned through that resource. I feel like my students are most engaged either playing these math games or during centers. We make it a priority to always have either game/center time during math each day.

Here is how you can get them for free:

I am not going to do a giveaway but instead I am going to pick 5 people to give my centers to. Please leave a comment telling me: What is the most rewarding aspect of teaching? I will read all the answers on Thursday and choose 5. There isn't a right or wrong answer I am looking for, just something that is honest and comes from the heart. :)

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Jen R said...

wow girl, those look great!!
let's see....there are so many rewarding things. But I'll go with something today. I had to do my 1 minute fluency test on all my students today. And I've had some really low kids this year - almost to the point where I was going request they get tested...Well, today, two of some of my 4 lowest scored on the FAST AND RIGHT column of our fluency test - AND they knew what they read!! I was so excited!! By golly, I TAUGHT them!! They are not perfect by any means, but they are surely not as BGL as they once were...
Or how about this one??
One of my girls is going through some serious home troubles...I just want to take her home it's so bad. Apparently, while I was gone, she kept asking "when's Mrs. Ross coming back? I miss her. She gets me.... and I like it when she's here." awww - so we're more than just teachers to these kids...

Amber said...

My absolute favorite aspect of teaching is the "lightbulb" moments. I cannot describe the elation when trying to reach a student and the concept finally clicks for them. Sometimes this takes lots of work....even on the teacher's part but the feeling is like no other. Giving them knowledge they can build on and use the rest of their lives...what an awesome job we have!!!

I love your take on a giveaway- can't wait to read the other responses :)

Sparkles , Smiles, and Student Teaching

Tammy said...

If you have ever seen a child's light up the first time they read by themselves you would know why I teach, and why I teach first grade. I love that moment when they realize "I can read!" I had a boy a few years ago that told me every day "I can't read," and he couldn't at first... After he read a page to me by himself for the first time and I said "look HL you just READ!" The look on his face was worth all the struggle we had endured. Today he is in third grade and was one of the top point earners for his class.
That is why I teach.

First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

Mrs. Cypher said...

How can I choose just ONE rewarding aspect of teaching??? :)

Seems like the few before me picked the "biggie" about seeing the lightbulbs going off, so I'll talk about something else.

Something that is rewarding to me is when I spend a lot of time finding engaging, hands-on, fun activities as opposed to just worksheets and I hear the kids say "This was the BEST day ever!" or "Is this a half day? This day went by really fast!" It's rewarding that they appreciate in their own little ways how hard I work for them and their learning opportunities. :) It makes my day much more rewarding and fun, too!!

peggy27 said...

Something that is rewarding to me is when reading finally clicks or they finally get a math concept. It's exciting to see the proud look in their face.

Violet said...

The best thing about teaching is witnessing the moments when children, especially those who struggle, learn to believe in themselves, take risks, and be proud of what they CAN do. There is nothing better than the smile of a child that is proud of themselves. :)

Kate said...

The best part about teaching is working in an environment where everyone is so willing to help each other out to accomplish the same help children be successful. As a first year teacher, there are so many teachers (both at my school and from bloggy land) who are always sharing ideas and strategies so that I can help my students to be successful. I love that everybody is working towards the same goal and keeping the kids as our priority!


Natalie said...

I love the little moments, when you realize that they are actually listening to you! Like today...we have been learning about 3D shapes and we were outside at recess when one of my littles shouted, "Hey look! A cone!" My heart burst with joy! I just love knowing that something stuck :)


♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

These look wonderful, I am loving the colors! :)

There are so many moments I love about being a teacher. I teach at low SES, inner-city school, so the personal problems these children come with are just heart-breaking..however, I love seeing the resiliency these children are building. To be able to witness these kids be strong in the face of adversity, do their homework even though no one is asking them whether they did it or not, asking to read books at home, asking if they can take pencils home to do extra work. It's just amazing and it makes me feel that I make a difference and that they are going to be okay.

I am loving reading all the responses. Thanks for the opportunity!

Mrs. Brown said...

Oh gosh, the centers look fabulous! I honestly think the most rewarding thing about teaching is when I can look a child and see them working hard to get a concept and then ta-da, they get it! That just fills my heart because they tried and tried and they did get it after practicing! I love being a teacher; truly all I ever wanted to do!

luckeyfrog said...

I think my favorite part of teaching isn't just seeing the lightbulb go on, but seeing kids really take the learning into their own hands and realize they have a passion for something. When kids tell you they don't want to stop working, even to go to recess, or when they come back from a break telling me about something they've learned that connects to our learning, it's priceless. It tells me that they're not just turning a lightbulb on once, but that they are becoming a lifelong learner. They aren't just learning to read, but they're learning to LOVE reading. And they're going to remember some of the things we learned together for the rest of their lives.

I love to see them discover that learning is fun, and realize that they are capable, because those things last beyond second grade. Hopefully, forever.

Michelle said...

Your centers look awesome!! I have to say that while the "lightbulb moments" are very rewarding for me as well, what I love most is when the kids walk in the door. When they walk in with a smile on their face and are so excited to see me and to be in school that's what makes my hard work worth it. It is so easy to get bogged down with all the requirements day in and day out but when I see those smiling faces it makes me relax just a little bit before the day truly begins. There are so many more rewarding things as well but I think the smiles are at the top of my list =)


Hello Mrs Sykes said...

The most rewarding (and sometimes also the most challenging) aspect of teaching is the fact that you are giving the tools to every child to help them succeed as an adult. Every new skill I introduce, I make sure to tell them why this is important in their future. If we are studying money, it is because it is important to know how much change you get back at the grocery store or so you can balance your bank account to pay for your car. The fact that their second grade teacher believed in each and every one of them is huge; sometimes we are the only ones who believe in their bright future ahead. They can carry that belief with them throughout the rest of their life.
Hello Mrs Sykes

Mrs. Brown said...

I wasn't sure if I was to leave this here or not, but I did blog about your giveaway! Always up for another point! LOL

Patty Rutenbar said...

All of these look great and we do use Everyday Math, so they would fit in great for me.
I have been teaching 2nd grade for 33 years. I don't feel like I've ever gone stagnant on my teaching. But for the last couple years, I've been thinking about retiring. . . although I don't really feel like retiring since I still LOVE my job. Even when my husband retired 2 years ago, he sort of wanted me to join him. I just couldn't. I was only 54 then and couldn't see myself quitting. Well, today he was offered his job back in the classroom but only 2/5's part time, and he's thinking about taking it. Anyway. . . when I had a student teacher this fall, a friend showed me a blog. . . . that's all it took. . .I was hooked. . . I read everyone's. I copied the free activities. . . and I longed to start my own blog. In a nutshell. . . I now have a blog and my life has been so rejuvinated!!! I love teaching even more, and feel like blogs have helped me rev up my teaching. This old gal isn't ready to leave yet! Not sure when I'll be ready.
So if I'm able to be one of the lucky winners, YOU can be sure that I will put them to good use!
Second In Line

Mechele said...

There have been so many great examples given of why teaching is rewarding. I am currently in my 19th year of teaching and my thoughts have changed througout the years. I teach and live in the same small town. I love how I am at the local grocer or Dollar General and see former students. Even though I taught them in the primary grades I feel as though I made a very small contribution in their lives. I love to see, hear and admire at what they have become! It makes my day when they say "Do you remember..."
Barrow's Hodgepodge

Mrs. Castro said...

So far I think the most rewarding part about teaching has been all I learn from my students...even though I go in expecting to be the expert, my kids are constantly amazing me with their knowledge, or humbling me with their personal experiences...I still have a lot to learn!
Thanks Kelley for such a thoughtful way to giveaway your work - reflecting on the positive is always a good thing!
Almost done with MONDAY!
Mrs. Castro's Class 2nd Grade...Spanglish Style

Lisa R. said...

The most rewarding aspect of teaching is reaching students through their minds and their hearts. What also touches me is watching the progress my students make throughout each year. It never ceases to amaze me.


dshocka44 said...

The most rewarding aspect of teaching is know their interests, strengths, and weakness so we as educators can touch upon these to help the children become an independent, responsible human being.

lorawebster said...

I think the most rewarding aspect of teaching is the connections you make with the little ones you get to teach. I love when one of the kids just can't contain themselves and has to run up and hug me while they should be getting ready for lunch or putting something in their mailbox. It might be kind of selfish, but all the love notes and pictures and creations I get from my students are just so uplifting, and they really brighten my day. I don't have any kids of my own, but just having this connection with my students is very rewarding in itself. I'm so glad my students feel safe and happy at school. I want that to last as long as possible!


Mrs. Jones Teaches said...

Seeing the light bulb go on is great, but I think the best part is so much more than that. I think it's the life and love that my little squirrels exude. They constantly remind me how grateful I should be for my parents and my family and the people around me who care so much. I think it's when you are one of the special people in their lives that they come to to share special moments in their lives. I think it's when they open up to you because they trust you. I think it's when you really share a moment that becomes a memory.
Teaching is such a unique job, and not just anyone can do it. It's tough. It's exhausting. It takes up so much 'free' time. BUT it's gotta be the best job ever.
Squirrel-Bottom Diaries :o)

tclark90 said...

The most rewarding about teacher is seeing the faces on childrens when they learn something new.And the feeling you might make an impact on there lives.Its the greatest.

Miss Kindergarten said...

They look adorable!!! I'm too exhausted to write the actual comment right now (lame, I know!) but I just wanted to tell you I'm excited about this!


Rachel said...

Love your centers! This is my 15th year and the most rewarding aspect of teaching is when you realize that you have made a difference in a student's life. 2 years ago, I received a note from a former student in 5th grade (I had him in 1st)thanking me for being his first grade teacher. I was so surprise because usually when students are in 5th grade, they act like they don't know you when you seem them in the hallway.

I had a former student graduate as valedictorian in high school last year and even though she most likely does not remember who her first grade teacher is, I am just happy that I was part of her education journey.

I must love teaching because I am always looking forward to next school year:)

meadowt said...

The most rewarding aspect in teaching would have to be the total child!! Yes it is wonderful to see a child light up when you have worked with them and they finally get a concept they have been struggling on. But I feel that we as teachers are much more than teaching academics. The social, emotinal, mental, growth is just as important. When a child that has social issues and is finally making friends, or what about that child that does not know how to control his emotions but finally handles them approtiately. These situations light up my day as much as a concept that a child finally understands. Infact sometimes it lights up my day more.

BAK Pack Photography said...

This is such a great challenge right now. We have to keep looking at the positive aspects of our job. Why would we have gotten into teaching in the first place? Doesn't it feel like we are all just treading above water and looking at our data and not our kids right now. Thank you for making me take the time to see what I LOVE about my job.
It is so rewarding to see their little faces when they have done something they didn't know they could do. Whether it was figuring out ALL the number combinations to 10, writing their first "hard" word, reading all the way through a book without appealing for an unknown word, or just that smile that tells me that they love being in my classroom.
The centers look so cute!
❀Beth Ann❀
Taming My Flock of Firsties

Suzy Q said...

The most rewarding aspect is that every single day is matter how long you've been teaching. I read a book a while back as part of our social studies unit but personally I thought it a bit babyish for my class. But when I finished, the class clapped since they were so happy with the ending and I realized how different things are through the eyes of eight year olds.

One boy was so excited after I read a story he wrote at home to the class that he still talks about it to this day. (And promised me another one!)

Great idea for a giveaway, by the way!

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

The most rewarding aspect is seeing that lightbulb come on! I love when they finally get it!

Violet said...

Whoops! Forgot my email address (just in case)

Leanne said...

Love those centers...too cute!

The most rewarding aspect of teaching for me is when parents tell me about something their child said about what we are learning! It makes my heart happy and full of joy when I know that our hard work at school is paying off and they are applying what they have learned OUTSIDE of school, too! I'm so grateful when a parent takes the time to tell me:)

P.S. I was sorry about your Tigers :(


Lessons Learned said...

Kelly, I love these centers! I think I would have to say that yes we have our days when we get frustrated, but then there are moments you see the light bulb click and you know it's why you went into teaching. But the truth is for me - in such a low income school like mine, my job is to make them feel safe and special the 8 hours they are there. So the most rewarding aspect would have to be when I go to get one of my groups and my little girl says my name and I turn and around and say yes? and she says, I love you. And she just smiles. That's why do this isn't it?!

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