Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion Fridays...Finally!

The hubby came home from his business trip yesterday and of course he is sick! And you all know when your hubby is sick the whole world comes to and end. It seems though when we are sick it is more like "takes some meds. and suck it up." (hehe) Here is my Fashion Friday post on Saturday, because of the sick hubby who by the way is still sleeping.

Today I wanted to share two things. The first is how to cut down your morning routine. When I was in high school I would literally take 20 minutes to find an outfit, well no more to that! Since I started teaching I would think about what I wanted to wear before I went to bed, but my bff helped me take it a step further...actually planning outfits!In my closet I hang outfits together so in the morning all I need to do it pull one down and I am ready to go. This has helped me get ready even faster. It also helps you to know what items you need when you go shopping because you already have outfits planned out. Here is part of my closet. I used to put my pants with the outfits too, but my closet didn't look nice and neat doing that. I pretty much know what pair of pants goes with each outfit I make so I don't feel the need.

Here is an outfit...I hooked the belt right on the hanger so I don't have to go search for it in the morning.

Here is an example where I put the bracelet I am going to wear on the hanger. Again less time I will be searching in the morning! I hope this helps some some of you cut down on your morning.

Second I want to talk MAKEUP! So I read some reviews and went out and bought this...

The covenit (sp?) "BB" cream! I have to say that it does give me a much better over all glow and coverage. If you have dry skin though I would not recommend it. I have a mixture of dry and oily skin. The first day I used it I felt like it made my nose (which is my dry spot) a little flaky. The second day I made sure to moisturize my dry areas a lot before I applied it and it was MUCH better! If you are looking for a little change I would definitely recommend this. It makes your complexion very smooth and even. You can get this brand at Sephora or any other major department store.

Well that's all for now. I hope some of you are finding my information useful. I bought some great bargain pieces over spring break that I will be sharing with you next week! Happy weekend! (two more days then back to school for me!)

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Jen R said...

you know, I've had my closet organized the same way since MIDDLE school!! lol. Crazy, I know.

Kim said...

Hi Kelley:

This would work much better if I had your fashion sense and your clothes! I think you have the makings of a second career if you get tired of teaching!
AND I love that bracelet. I'd want to wear that with everything!
Happy weekend...

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Unknown said...

What fun to read a girly post like this! Thanks for being such a great commenter on my blog. I sure appreciate the feedback!

diditeach said...

Great ideas..can't wait to see your spring break finds ! Happy weekend :)

Cynthia said...

I have a friend who is so organized with her outfits that she laid out outfits on her bed including shoes and all accessories. She then took a picture of each (and the variations). She put them in a photo book, so she can just look through and see all the different combinations of her wardrobe. She chooses her outfits by looking in her photo book. I would love to do that, but I'm too busy blogging and making units for TPT! lol

Kristen said...

I do that with my bracelets too!! Though I am not as routine about as you I'm sure...I go through waves of preparation, then waves of running around like crazy in the morning. I hope you have a lovely weekend and your hubby gets better soon!

Sandy said...

I do the same thing! :-) I try to plan every outfit for the week and have them all ready to go. Mornings are crazy enough as it is! Thanks for the makeup recommendation! Have a great weekend!

Kristin said...

I do not exactly create "outfits" but I do set things out the night before. :)
Loving the makeup tip!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Cupcake said...

I spend FOREVER getting ready in the morning! This is a great idea-- I need to try it out for this week!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Unknown said...

Girl I think we could be BBFFs (blogger bffs) You lay out your clothes like me! I love when I already know what I am going to wear. Jewelry and ALL. I was brave and took pics of my closet since you did. I feel so free.
Thanks for your house feedback!!!

Marissa Tompkins said...

Fabulous idea!!! I hate wasting time in the morning trying to figure out what I want to wear.

I nominated your blog for an award. Stop by my blog to get it! :)

WILD About First Grade!

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