Sunday, April 29, 2012

GREAT Books!

So I am totally one hundred percent obsessed with buying children's books. I always find a new one I want and that I NEED to have. I have found that ordering them from amazon is usually the cheapest. They sell their books way cheaper than Barnes and Nobel or any other local bookstore. I wanted to share some of the books I have recently bought to read at the beginning of the school year! They all have great messages and I am excited to create cute crafties for them or find some on pinterest, which I have found a few already!
This books has a great message and is a little bit of a surprise. It also has a really cute pledge in the back of it! It is more appropriate for grades 2 and above.
I love this book! It is about being yourself and being unique! The illustrations are great! It also would go great with a reading unit about courage!
I have already found some great activities and ideas to go along with this books on pinterest! Just type in the title and they will pull up. I can't wait to read this because I have a HUGE issue with tattling in my current class.
This one is just a classic!
We have a character education program so this book will be great when we teach "how to accept no."
This book is soo cute! I love to draw and paint so I had to add this book to my order. I plan on sharing it with our art teacher! I am off to watch all my juicy reality T.V. shows! I am off tomorrow so I plan on relaxing in peace! Glitter Words
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Barbara said...

Hey Kelley - Have you visited Maria Dismondy's blog? The first Monday of every month she has a Make A Difference Monday and this month the topic will be respect . . .I'm sure her readers would LOVE to know what you plan to do with Juice Box Bully and Spaghetti!!

The Corner On Character

Sara at school said...

Always love to see book ideas - and always have a wish list going at Amazon!

Karlie said...

I AM OBSESSED with children's books too!!! These all look super cute:-D

We are ALL Special!

Maria said...

Hi Kelley! Thanks for reading my books. I hope you will link up to Make a Difference Mondays like Barbara mentioned. I am looking forward to following your blog! Maria Dismondy

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing these! I'm also obsessed with children's books :) I definitely want to check out Juice Box Bully.... it's sad how much of a problem bullying has become at my school.

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

I love character education books, thanks so much for sharing! :)
My kids have a horrible time with tattling too. I have a tattle jar with a form letter for them to write their worries to our principal and that's helped a lot!
Stories From Second

Lori said...

Thank you for sharing these books! I love new picture books and these look great!
Conversations in Literacy

Jen R said...

oh girl..i have QUITE the addiction too!! ha!
I really like the spaghetti one :)

Miss Nelson said...

I love all of these books!
Come check out my custom stamp giveaway!

Patrice said...

OMG I am such a Children's Lit junkie too! LOL Honestly, after several years of textbook reading in my undergrad I kinda got (or rather stayed) away from books. However since studying for my masters in Elementary Ed I have rediscovered my love for books and I will never stray again :)

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