Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Candy Math Freebie!!!

We have been working on a little bit of alegebra this week in the good old second grade!! (I can't believe it!!) We are working on how to solve problems with paretheses! Today I introduced the concept and we did a lot of praticing. Most of them are picking it up but I have a few who are going to need some more time or just need to tune their ears in and listen!! :) Tomorrow we have an early release day so I figured we need to do something fun! We are going to practice solving parenthese problems with licorice! I have made these cards the students will use to make problems. They will then add the licorice for the parenthese. I made a recording sheet for the kids to show their work and for accountabibily! I of course want to share it all with you!
Click here to download your own copy! I still can't believe I have only 2 weeks of school left after this week! I am super excited to get everything ready for Camp Learned A Lot! I will be sharing photos and activities after next week! Happy Tuesday!! (Super excited for Real Housewives of OC!!)


Leanne said...

This is so cute! Can't wait to hear about your Camp Learned A Lot! I have some coworkers who teach 1st who are doing a camping unit the last week of school. :)


Unknown said...

LOVE licorice!
First Grade Blue SKies

Unknown said...

Your end of year Camp Learned A Lot sounds adorable!! Our first grade has a lock on that theme here and I am so jealous because it sounds like such a great time!!

Kristen said...

This printable is adorable! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do in the coming weeks--happy almost Thursday!!! :)

Unknown said...

Super cute and will work like a charm! It's amazing how kids learn more when food and playing with food is involved. Thank you so much for sharing!

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