Friday, July 20, 2012

See you in (another) week!

So I have been TOTALLY M.I.A. lately, and I am sorry to say I will be again for another week. Why you ask??? Because I will be going to Maui with my amazing husband tomorrow! I will miss all my bloggy friends, but I won't miss the 110 degree weather in good'ole Kansas!!! (I know 110 next week, crazy!!) I promise once I return from my vacation I will share all my great pictures and start blogging more again. Actually I can't promise too much because I think I have one free day when I get back before school starts! Ugh!! I can't believe summer is almost over. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and I will leave you with this picture:

Maui here we come!!! 


Unknown said...

That's so awesome!!
Have fun!!
First Grade Blue Skies

Jen R said...

have fun my friend!! Say hello to my sister/family!!

Miss Nelson said...


Sandy said...

Have a fun and safe trip!!!!! :-)

Tammy said...

Have a great time and the weather is just as miserable here in OK.


First Grade @ Storybook Cafe

Lisa R. said...

Maui!! You are so lucky! Enjoy every minute of it!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

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