Sunday, October 28, 2012

Election, Pumpkins, Character Day...A Chance to Win!

Last week we finished up our unit called "We the People!" We used Cara's election unit, which was  GREAT!! If you haven't check it out you totally should!! The kids voted and I won, but Duck came in a close second! ;)

The kids had their own voter registration cards too! They LOVED them! We talked about Reality vs. Fantasy this week as well. It worked out perfect because the kids could see lots of things that were real or fake with all the great books we read: Duck for President, Grace for President, My Teacher for President, and If I were President!

Last week we also started our pumpkin guessing, which is in preparation for this weeks pumpkin activities! The kids had to guess how much each pumpkin weighed, the height in blocks, how big around, and if it would sink or float. Tomorrow we are going to see who was correct!! 

I had this little station set up all week, so if we had down time or the kids got their work done early they could go back and make their predictions! 

Also last week it was Red Ribbon Week and on Friday it was dress like your favorite character. Sooo here is who I was...

I am going to give the first 3 people who leave a comment and guess who I am correct the following long/short vowel sort! Make sure to leave your email! 

Good luck and happy Sunday!!! 

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Unknown said...

Umm...Fancy Nancy?
First Grade Blue SKies

Seriously?! said...
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Unknown said...

I guess Fancy Nancy!

Steph said...

Fancy Nancy?

Jenna Frederick said...

Definitely Fancy Nancy! I just LOVE her. A little too late tho. So adorable!

The Colorful Apple said...

I guess Fancy Nancy too! And I'm glad you won the election!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Miss Nelson said...

So cute! You look very fancy!

Jen R said...

you're so cute!!

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