Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Year....and Past,Present, and Future

We have been working on our Holiday's Around the World Unit. This is probably one of my favorite things to teach all year, because the kids make such great connections between all the different countries we study! I will be showing off some of the things we have been doing later this week. We are using Rachelle's Unit!

I wanted to share a new unit I have at my TpT store for the New Year!!!

This unit was created to review some of the essential skills that were taught in the first two quarters of second grade. It also includes some fun New Year’s activities to help get the kids back in the groove of school. 

Included in this unit:
-Even or Odd Three Digit Numbers
-Regrouping or Not Regrouping with addition
-2-D and 3-D Shape Sort
-Rounding Three Digit Numbers
-New Year’s Book List
-Summarizing Guide
Text to Self Connections
-Writing Activity
-New Year's Resolution Craft

I am also working on a unit I will be using when we get back in January! It will be about Past, Present, and Future...transportation, inventions, and historical events! I am planning this unit for the whole month of January to cover A LOT of our social studies standards!

In this unit the students will understand:

How inventions have affected our lives?
How our lives have changed over time?
How are lives will change in the future?

Through these big ideas students will explore different inventors and how their inventions have changed the way we live. They will look at the history of transportation. Students will understand how simple machines have played a roll in past and future inventions. They will also look at how our country has changed and what some of the important landmarks are. Lastly students will analyze how Pioneer families lived compared to their own family. 

I am SUPER excited about this unit because I feel like these standards are some of the harder ones to teach in second grade! I will let you know as soon as I am done with it and have it posted! 

Happy Saturday!

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Kristen said...

these look adorable Kelley! I'm so excited you are on TpT!

Jessica said...

They both look great! Glad you are on TpT too!

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