Monday, July 22, 2013

Winner Winner and 10 Thinks I have Learned!

I am here to announce the winner of my "Go Back to Work Giveaway!" The winner will receive the following units: 

The winner is..... Cori Lyons!!! checking your email! 

I am back to work on Wednesday....I am kinda and kinda not looking forward to it! 

I am linking up today with one of my favorite bloggers and crafters....Miss Kindergarten! She wants us to share 10 things I have learned from teaching: 

1. If you are a first year teacher you won't get paid until September...that's right NOT August! We all know we spend way to much money at the beginning of the year and these first years don't get paid for 2 months! 

2. Lunch break....what is that! Learn to eat on the run! 

3. You don't get to copy, print, and laminate anything and everything you want! The office keeps a close eye on everything you do! 

4. You will be formally evaluated throughout the year...each district is different but mine is twice a year for your first 2 years and then once a year your 3rd year. Don't be nervous about this, plan a fun and engaging lesson. Be yourself, don't put on a dog and pony show!

5. Dress policy....hmm depends on where you are and how strict your principal is! I always dressed up by sometimes my teammate worn jeans in the middle of the week...I would always do a double take of the calendar! 

6. Sending kids to the office is a chore. You have to fill out a HUGE form and then make sure they get there. (they liked to wander off instead of going to the office) Then if they are staying there for the day you have to provide them with work. I would much rather deal with behavior in the classroom! 

7. You will LOVE having holidays and summers off! It makes everything worth it! 

8. Become friends with the janitor...they could be your best friend when you have a student throwing up in your classroom during flu session! 

9. If you plan on going into a teacher store "just to look" at some stuff, trust me you won't "just be looking" you will be buying!! 

10. The most important thing to remember is to create a relationship with your students...this can make or break your year! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer friends....mine will expire in two days! :(


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