Friday, August 9, 2013

Management Routines...Freebies

Last week my counter-partner/best friend did a presentation for our new teachers at new teacher academy. We talked about management routines and how important they are to teach explicitly and model them. We walked them through how to teach a routine, using the following steps:

I modeled how to enter your classroom in the morning and went through each step of the process. Some teachers might think this is a little much for each and every routine, but it is so important! It will save you tons and tons of instructional time down the road! 

Next we talked about different routines that happen during arrival, daily, and dismissal. We aloud them to share out and talk with people at their table to get more ideas.

Click here to download! I hope this helps you to get your year off to a GREAT start! 



Kate @ EduKate and Inspire said...

Great list of routines, Kelley! I'm going to share it with a new teacher on my team :) Thanks so much for sharing!

EduKate and Inspire

Mrs. Schlickbernd said...

Thanks for this list! Even though I've done the first day of school 4 times, I still need reminders!

Courtney @ said...

umm hello, where has this been all my life!? Thank you sooo much. Even as a third year teacher it is still helpful!

Debbie Jacobson said...

This is fabulous! So many times in the hectic first week I think I have taught all these routines, but when things don't go as I planned, I realize I may have missed one or two, or ASSUMED they knew! Thank you!

Shawna said...

All these routines and procedures should be written and explained as well and then left in the sub binder. Every teacher does it differently and I can't tell you how much better the day goes when the sub is aware of all the routines.
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

Anonymous said...

I do a power point with my students over the 1st week. ( I don't do it all in 1 day, but I review and share new parts everyday) I also walk the kiddos through what I expect. Lastly I have them teach a peer what to do and share with the class how to. Lastly I made posters of my most important procedures for a sub or anyone who may have "forgotten" them. Great list! 5 bow ties.

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