Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Talk About Me...Meet the Teacher

 I am going on my third year of marriage to my best friend, Brad. We started dating in high school and have been together ever will be 10 years in November!! Time flies when you are having fun! Here are some pictures from our wedding and honeymoon to Hawaii:

We  loved Hawaii so much we went back the year after we got married!! 

 Someone else who is very important to the both of us is our little baby Bentley!! He is now seven years old and he is our world! 

 Someone who is  very, very special to me is my mommy! She is one of my best friends!

 As you know this year I will not be teaching in a classroom, which I am excited and sad about. I will be the elementary math instructional facilitator. So instead of organizing my classroom, I am organizing my office. I don't have pictures quite yet, but I will post them when I get everything cute and complete. 

One thing I love about the school district I work for is that it has such a community feel. Since I have been there I have created great friendships! I love how everyone knows everyone, it just makes life easier! I also am very grateful for all the opportunities I have been given. Here is a picture of some of my crazy co-workers who I now call my friends! 

Here are some fun facts about me:

1. I am the oldest sibling, I have a younger brother
2. I went to college where both of my parents did
3. I have broken my left arm twice
4. I have had twenty teeth pulled (I have a small mouth)
5. I love to walk
6. I love reality t.v.
7. I can't have dairy products
8. I love crafting/decorating
9. I love the snow and winter (cute boots duh!)
10. I have wanted to be a teacher since 2nd grade! 

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Unknown said...

I loved reading about you! We have a lot in common...I am the oldest child as well (there are three of us), went to school where both my parents went (middle school, high school and college), have had all but two teeth pulled, am lactose intolerant, love reality TV and have wanted to be a teacher since kindergarten.

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Kristen said...

I loved reading this Kelley and can't wait to hear more about your journey this year!! I'm so sorry I've fallen off track with chatting, I don't know how time is going so fast but it is! Best of luck setting up your office :) :)

Jess said...

It was great reading about you! Also I totally didn't realize that we were supposed to write 10 things about ourselves...until I saw your blog. I just wrote random things. Oh the beginning of the school year! Lol!
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Heather said...

I love your puppy!!! We have 2 yorkie boys and they are my world!

A New Teacher's Journey

Rachelle said...

LOVE your wedding dress. You were a gorgeous bride!!!!! Hope all is well in Kansas!

Erika said...

Beautiful wedding pictures!

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