Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reading Freebies!

Hello everyone! I wanted to share something I made for my co-workers. They wanted me to create reading strategy posters for them to put on their board instead of writing them out! I totally used really super cute clip art from Kpmdoodles. If you have not checked out her super cute clip art you should! My co-worker laminated and then put magnets on the back of her posters.

Click Here for the Link!

I have been reading on everyone's blog that they have so much to get done...I am definitely on that bandwagon! I feel like I can't ever get anything done and I am always running around like crazy this time of year! I guess that is why we have a break soon, to finally RELAX! Well, I am off to work on some school work for my masters class before Tori and Dean is on! Have a great Wednesday!


Leanne said...

I just bought that same alphabet a few weeks ago and LOVE it! Were your kiddos CRAZY with the snow today? Mine were not too bad:)



Kristin said...

CUTE!!! Thank you for sharing!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Leanne said...

We use Open Court Reading, so these will go perfect with our series:) for math, we use Envision.

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