New Look and We are Mathematicians Freebie

I love the new look of my blog! Kassie did such a great job! In honor of the new look I decided to create a little freebie. I have been reading the book called "Math Exchanges." It has such great information for small group math and for creating little mathematicians. I created this subway art in these mathematicians from the book! 

Click on any of the pictures to download! I hope you enjoy the freebie and my blogs new look! Happy almost Friday!

Calendar Freebie and New Look Coming Soon!

Happy Friday my bloggy friends! 

I am super happy it is Friday because it has been a long week. I am excited because on Monday my teammate aka bff get to go to CHAMPS with Randy Sprick! If you haven't heard him speak OMG I love to listen to him. He is one of my favorites!

Another reason I am excited is because my blog will be getting a make over soon....Kassie from Designs by Kassie is giving it a much needed lift! I think you are going to like it or maybe even love it! 

Early in the week I talked about how much I loved the calendar freebie Hagar had on her blog...well I made something to go along with it! 

Click here to get your freebie! It wouldn't let me link the picture to the was acting up!  

Click here to check out Hagar's freebie as well!

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful Friday. Here in Kansas the weather is just GREAT! Check back to see my bloggy face lift

Lemonade Math Center FREEBIE!!

I am starting to think about what centers I need to make for next year. I only started doing math centers after winter I have lots of centers to make or buy to get through the beginning part of the year. I saw these really cute lemonade kiddos on scrappingdoodles and I knew I had to make centers out of them. I made centers that are like my Rainy Day Math Centers. I found it easier if the kids have seen the centers before...then I am not running around the room showing them how to play. I plan on mixing these centers with some money, telling time, and place value games I already have in my room!

Click hereto download! 

 Tomorrow I will staying in my p.j.s and working on my homework for my masters classes!!! I am not looking forward to it!! I will also be sharing pictures of the great items I found today out shopping with my mom on Friday!

Oh My Valentine! Freebie

I wanted to share with you a quick post about what I will be getting my students for Valentine's Day!!!!

I was out of colored ink, but it is in color as well!!! 

Click on the picture to get your copy for FREE!! 

I have been enjoying the X-Games all weekend!! My best friend and my hubby make fun of me, but you know I love the snow and I think I secretly would love to compete in something in the X-Games. I don't know what it would be but it I think it would be soooo cool! 

Happy Sunday!

Adjective Freebie

I have created a 11 page adjective freebie for you! We talked about adjectives in a previous unit and I was not very happy with the activities our book I created some of my own. I know some of you haven't taught adjectives yet so this will be perfect for you, but those of you that have I figure you can put it away until next year. (that's what I am doing!)

The mini unit includes:

1. Poster
2. Cut and paste activity
3. Colorful adjective activity
4. Adjectives about Me project
5. Adjective and Noun center sort
6. Read Aloud Books for Adjectives

Click Here! 

Well I am off to go on another 4 mile walk with some of my besties! I hope everyone has a super weekend! Enjoy the freebie

Bee Statements (Freebie)

I had to revamp my bee statements, because before they were on an ugly poster and just didn't look very nice (I am not even going to show you the poster!). I have been working my butt off getting stuff done for my room and this was one thing on my list to complete today!

I think these go just perfect with my bug theme in my room! 

I also have to say if you haven't checked out Kristen's new clip art you should...its Hollywood themed! It is just too cute that of course I had to have it!! 

One more day until I can get into my room....two more days until I go back to school!!! 

Happy Sunday

Math Centers Freebie

So I sat down last night and read every single one of your comments. Some of them really hit home and truly touched my heart. Before I share the winner, I would like to share with you my most rewarding aspect of teaching. (actually I have two!)

1. I love to know that my job is making a difference. We are responsible for educating the next generation. We are making a difference in children's lives. Many of my students just want someone to listen to them and care about them. I know some of you work in lower income schools like myself and these kiddo's stories just break your heart. I come to school each day looking to make a difference in one of my kids day, whether that be give them hug, talk with them, or teach them something new. I love teaching and I wouldn't do anything else no matter the amount of money they would offer.

2. Secondly I love teaching because it helps me get all my creative juices out. I have loved to do crafty things since I was little. I never wanted to watch T.V. or play games when I was younger. I would beg my mom to take me to the local craft store so I could buy a craft to make. Well guess what we are still doing that. (We are making really cute bags that I will share later this week) Teaching allows me to be creative and help instill some of that creativity into my students!

There was NOOO way I could just choose 5 winners so.....I am going to give it to everyone for free. Thank you all for making my day and writing such meaning messages!

Click here to download the centers!

Happy Thursday!

Text Feature Freebie

Next week we are going to learn about text features therefore I had to create some posters to help remind my students of all of the great text features out there! We are working on our unit about space, which has a lot of nonfiction stories. I figured this would be a great time to introduce text features!

I am planning on placing these on our reading strategies board, but I am also thinking about printing them front to back and putting them on a ring for my kids to put in their book bags. Then during Read-to-Self they can be looking for these types of text features. 

This is our last week of the launching guide for the daily 5 and cafe. I am planning on taking some time next weekend to post about how it has gone and show LOTS of pictures! Hope everyone has a great week! (mine is filled with lots of meetings!

Antonyms!!! (Freebie)

Ok, it is going to be short and quick! I promised an antonym and synonym freebie and well....I have one of them for you. I will try and work on the synonym activity tomorrow. Here is the antonym one!!

Click Here!

I am planning on using it as a center and laminating the cards. Well off to watch Gossip Girl on DVR and Tori and Dean later! :)

Giveaway Reminder and Freebie

So I went back to school today, but I didn't have kids! I got so much done and I am actually really tired. I guess it is homework for my masters classes then to bed for me tonight!

I wanted to remind you that my giveaway is still going on until Thursday. I will be giving a custom wreath to one lucky winner.

Click here to entry the giveaway. If you have not blogged about my giveaway remember if you do you can leave two more comments, plus the one you already left about being a follower! :)

Also we will be starting our Objects in Space Unit and I had to make a planet book for the kids to keep track of what they are learning.

Click Here to download.

Well I am off to do homework. I am a student all over again and totally have sympathy for my own students. (is that why I don't give much homework??

Spooky Place Value Freebie!!!

I have stayed in my p.j.'s the past two days, therefore I have been able to get A LOT done! I am getting ready to finally get out of them and vacuum out my car! Today I made some place value Halloween games because we will be starting place value not this week but the following week. I love teaching place value and I am planning on using these games to help reinforce the skill I teach!

Sorry they are blurry...I saved the small image on google docs instead of the whole page! I am considering taking the plunge and opening at TpT store after Christmas and when I am done with my masters. I am still thinking about it....

Dictionary Freebie

Wow....two posts in the same week! I have had a little free time this week, because I got ahead on my school work! I am excited to start working on our Common Core Unit planning! Next week we are working on text features and the following week we are working on dictionary skills! Then it is OCTOBER!!! I can't wait for pumpkins, candy, pumpkins, and more candy!! I whipped up this dictionary booklet for my kids to practice looking up "hollywood" worthy words! They will be looking up words that go along with our space theme!

Clip art by Kristen at KPM Doodles! 

Happy Monday!

Centers and Freebie!

It has been a crazy week! I think I have had a meeting before, after, and during my plan time every day this week! Ugh, no time to start planning next week. I want to thank all of you that wrote such sweet comments about my observation! You ladies are AWESOME! My observation went great! My principal said "it was the best lesson I have seen this year!" I was completely shocked and honored!!!!

Alrighty on to something more important....CENTERS! I have been doing math centers since after break because we are not having our "pioneer time," because our interventions are testing the whole month on January. I actually really enjoy doing centers and want to figure out a way to do them all the time next year. (summer project!!) Well I thought I would show you some pictures of how I organize them.

I organize them using these great containers from Target that my instructional coach/best friend let me use. I have found they are perfect size and easy for the kids to clean up and put away. I usually keep 2-3 games in each basket. That way if a group is done with one game they have something else to do. Here is an example of our money basket:

I have a matching or memory game. The students play it both ways. I also have a game I made with paper plates and money. I wrote different money amounts of the bottom of the plates. One student looks at the plates and makes that amount on the top. The other students have to count the money to figure out what amount is written on the bottom of the plate. This is definitely one of their favorites. I have also been using some great centers and ideas from blogs. I love to find great freebies and I also don't mind paying for good centers. I will be changing them next week so I thought I would make a couple of new games.

One that I made is to review fact families and of course I will share it with you. The students draw dominoes to make fact families. I was planning on printing the dominoes on colored cardstock and laminating them.

Click Here!

How do you run math centers?? Enjoy the freebie!! Two more days until 3 day weekend!!! Woohoo!

Sight Word Polka Dot Freebie

In this post I shared my sight word freebie with a bug theme for my magnet letter word work center. I stated that if you would like me to change the theme to anything please let me know and Lisa asked for polka dots, so Lisa got polka dots!!
Click here to get your own copy of all eleven lists!!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday! We are going to dinner with our neighbors who have the cutest baby ever!! I can't wait to hold him!!

Ghost Fact Family Freebie

Real quick freebie on fact families since we have been practicing them!

I don't understand why it is soo blurry?? The document isn't though!

End of the Year Freebie

Tomorrow is the last day of school....and it isn't even a whole day. We get out at 11:45! I am actually really excited because I have been really tired lately. I just can't keep up and need a good, looong vacation! It is going to suck to have to finish taking EVERYTHING down tomorrow. I am taking everything home too because we have to leave our personal stuff out in the hall because they are putting tile in our rooms. I am NOT leaving all my hard earned items out in the hall for someone to steal over the summer. (Our school has a eat/read/play program everyday for our kids. They can come up to school and get a hot breakfast and lunch. The gym and library is also open for them to play! Did I say it is FREE!) So tomorrow I will be getting my arm work out in taking boxes to my car!! I like to have something to hang up at the beginning of the year so I like to have my students write letters to my future students. Usually they write about tips to get through second grade!
Click here to download all the versions! I am off to go to bed and rest up for my BIG day tomorrow!! Happy TGIF almost!!!


Addition/Subtraction Review Freebie

So I said I was going to post a freebie for synonyms and antonyms, but I still haven't created one. But I did create a game around something I found in Target's dollar section. I was searching through the dollar section and found little x's and o'x in a package (to my hubby's dismay!). Immediately I was thinking of all the things I could do with these.

I knew exactly what I wanted to create to use them with....addition and subtraction connect four. I made an addition mat that has doubles and then another with just simple addition. One subtraction mat is simple and the second one has subtraction problems that are a little bit harder. I figured this is a great way for all types of learners to review these facts. I made a cover page for the mats in case you would like to make it into a file folder game for centers, which is what I was planning to do.

Click Here!

I am sorry for the blank page in this document. I tried all my little tricks to make it go away and it just wanted to stay! I hope your students enjoy this simple game, inspired by a classic! (Connect Four!)I am so excited to be home tomorrow. I worked on my homework all day today and still have a few things I would like to do.....make washing machine and dishwasher soap with my bestie and of course I have papers to grade. What will you be doing on your extra day off?


I wanted to share a quick freebie. We say this every time we get in line. It gets my kids focused and ready to walk in the halls and they looove saying it. We sing it in a chant, I say it then they repeat it. I hope some of you can use this or save it for next year!

Click Here!!

Everyone enjoy your Sunday! I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Then I would only see the kids 2 days this week, I don't know it that is a good or bad thing! :)

Kevin Henkes Freebie!!

During my pioneer reading time, which is our small ability group we are reading Jessica by Kevin Henkes. I decided to make some activities that go along with the story for my students to do during centers or independently. I of course have to share with you!

Click here for this document. For some reason my documents didn't work together. Sorry for the trouble.

Click here to download all of these activities! All the graphics are from Michelle at 3 am teacher!

I hope someone else can use these! It is Read Across America Week/Spirit Week at school. Tomorrow is P.J. day! Woohoo, I am totally excited

Math Freebie

Happy Monday! NOT!! I was totally not looking forward to being at school today because of my relaxing 3 day weekend. The kids were good and everyone seemed to be in a great mood today! I wanted to share a little freebie I am going to use as one of my centers this week. I had found these great x's and o'x during Valentines Day at Target. I had created a math game of tick-tack-toe for the kids to play. They LOVED it! I used the same facts but I made it match my April Centers.

Click here to read the original post.

Click here to download!

I hope everyone has a super week!!! I have Common Core Training on Thursday and an Early Release day on Wednesday! Woohoo!


I have been reading some of your posts about TpT having a sale on the 29th for Leap Day so I am going to change my Giveaway a little bit. Instead of announcing the winner on Thursday, I am going to announce it on Wednesday morning. Then whoever wins will be able to use the gift card during the sale. I am also opening the giveaway up to everyone! If you are a follower just leave me a comment. If you blogged about my giveaway go ahead and write two comments. Thanks for all your support!And thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Click here to enter the giveaway! Good luck everyone!

I wanted to share an activity I did this week during our writers workshop time. We have started our Small Moments Unit and finally got to use an activity from Kristen at Ladybug Teacher Files. We first talked about what a small moment was and I used my cute poster I had made. Then we read the story

While we were reading we talked about figurative/descriptive language. I used Kristen's worksheet for the kids to record their findings.

Click here to download it on Kristen's blog!

I also created this little poster that I am going to place on our writers workshop board.

Click here to download the poster.

Organized and GREAT Freebie

Some of your are going to gasp when you hear where I was yesterday......SCHOOL! Yes I went up to school and organized, organized, and did more organizing! I decided it was time to organize all my cabinets. I am constantly organizing the kids stuff, but my stuff gets thrown to the side. The first thing I organized was my personal books. I bought some cheap file organizers and some cute paper. Here is how they turned out:

Then I organized all my craft stuff and extra items, like pencils, glue, erasers. I bought black containers that were stack-able and some white labels.

I feel so much better now that I got all of that done! Now when I go back on Tuesday I can focus on planning some great lessons for my kids!

Alright, drum roll please.....Here is a Valentine's Day Syllable Word Sort. And guess what it is free! Click Here!!

Enjoy your freebie! Today I will be organizing all my craft stuff at home. My WONDERFUL hubby got me a bunch of really cute organizers from Michael's and spend 3 hours putting them together last night! Opps didn't realize it would take that long, but you know there was no way I could have put all of them together. I am construction handicap


Family Freebie Activities

We are getting ready to start our unit on family, Indians, and Pilgrims! I like to start off talking about our own families first. Then we are able to compare and contrast our families to the Indians and Pilgrims. I finally broke down and bought some clip art, so my activities look REALLY good. We will be first reading some books about family and completing the following writing activity:

We will also be making one of my favorite activities, GLYPHS! We will be making a house. Here are the directions:
I will put up pictures when we get these done!

Finally we will be talking about the roles each family member has in a family. I made this cute worksheet to go along with that:

Click Here for ALL of the Activities

Well we have a short week this week! We have an early release for PD on Wednesday and then we are off Friday for Veterans Day. My girlfriend Crystal and I are traveling to Wisconsin to visit her family. I am very excited to wear all my cute boots! It isn’t quite cold enough to wear them here in Kansas yet. I hope everyone has a great week!

P.S If you have not checked out Mrs. Lemons subtraction activities you should! I plan on using these to review during our small group math time!

Holiday Freebie

The bagels were a success! My students were very excited and since we have last lunch (12:25!!!), they were happy with the morning snack! I think they are expecting something tomorrow too, oops I think I started a bad habit!

Any who...Here is a holiday writing freebie I create! I have been using Rachelle's Around the World Unit on her Tpt store from What Teacher's want. (her blog)It is amazing by the way! I am planning on using this writing activity when we get to America next week! And yes I have school next week, until Thursday! Ugh! I can't believe it either! Oh well what can you do...

Click Here

I have an early release day tomorrow (woohoo PD) and then training on Thursday! This week is flying by so I guess going to school next week will be ok.......NOT! :)

Management Routines...Freebies

Last week my counter-partner/best friend did a presentation for our new teachers at new teacher academy. We talked about management routines and how important they are to teach explicitly and model them. We walked them through how to teach a routine, using the following steps:

I modeled how to enter your classroom in the morning and went through each step of the process. Some teachers might think this is a little much for each and every routine, but it is so important! It will save you tons and tons of instructional time down the road! 

Next we talked about different routines that happen during arrival, daily, and dismissal. We aloud them to share out and talk with people at their table to get more ideas.

Click here to download! I hope this helps you to get your year off to a GREAT start! 



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