Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I promised I would be back to talk about our economics unit we did before the last week of school! Well here I am!

We started off by going over some basic economic terms/vocabulary: needs and wants, goods and services. My students loved giving me examples of each of these! 

We read these two books during the week! The one on the left was from one of our local banks. The one on the right I LOVE! It teaches the kids to be grateful for the things they have at home! 

We then researched some different jobs and the students got to pick what their job was for the week. They had to wear their employee badges all week! 

I decided I wanted my students to understand the concept of saving for something they really wanted and having to pay rent. Each day I gave each student 5 dollars...

Yep! That is my principal on the cover! My students had to give me two dollars each day to rent their chair and their desk! Then they got to decided to either give me the other 3 to put into their savings account or they could keep them to spend on something little like a piece of candy at the end of the day. I kept track of their money on this chart:

The check mark means that they paid their rent and then the number next to their name told me if they put any money in savings. You can see many of my students either put their money in savings or spent it on something little at the end of the day. There wasn't very much in-between. At the end of the week I would let them know how much money they had in savings and they could buy one of the following items:

They had  A LOT of fun spending their money!

This week I am attending training for a math grant I am apart of...we are learning and getting a lot of great resources that I will share with you later in the week! It is has been cold and rainy here in Kansas so I hope some of you are enjoying the nice warm summer sun for me! 


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